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I'm about to battle Norman, who I know is infamous for using Facade to nuke the trainer's Pokemon. I'm using my Sableye, will Facade affect it?

isn't it obvious?

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No, Sableye is a Dark/Ghost and facade is a normal type move. Ghost being immune to normal type moves, sableye will be unable to be affected.

The only way for normal type moves to hit a ghost type are if the attacker used odor sleuth or foresight on the ghost type. Norman has no Pokemon that know that move in the original ruby/sapphire.

As pointed out by KRLW890 the ability scrappy would allow facade to hit ghost but norman does not have a Pokemon with this ability in ORAS.

I feel like this could have been answered with very little effort in research, but hope this helps :D

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Normal and Fighting type moves can also hit Ghost types if the attacker has the ability Scrappy, which didn’t exist in the original RSE, and none of his Pokémon have in ORAS. Doesn’t change the answer, but it exists.
Thank you! Answer updated.  I have not played ORAS.  Excuse my ignorance XD.
but you never updated your answer....
What about foresight? (not that Norman has it, but some other Pokemon can learn it in Gen 3)
Oh phew. Thanks so much, I've never played Sapphire before
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