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My Team is:
Lvl 41 Gyarados with Hail,Blizzard, waterfall, Hydropump
Lvl 44 Golem with Double edge, Earthquake, Rollout, Rock Blast
Lvl 49 Typhlosion Strength(thinking to remove it), Flamethrower, Blast Burn, Lava Plume
Lvl 50 Machap with Cross Chop, Low Kick, Karate Chop, Seismic Toss
Lvl 48 Ampharos with Thunderbolt, Signal Beam, Thunder wave, Rock Smash(removall
Lvl 46 Ho-oh with Extrasensory, Sunny Day, Fire Blast, Sacred Fire

But I am not able to defeat Lance I'm although able to take out his 2 dragonites and aerodactyl as well as gyarados where should I grind my gyarados?

Get them to higher levels and give them better moves.
Yup i have done the folln.
Gyarados hail blizaard and surf are removed by ice fang dragon dance and dragon pulse
Ampharos Rock Strength by Thunder
Golem Roll out by stone edge
Any other moves?
Typhlosion does not need 3 fire moves. Nor Machamp 4 fighting moves.
Man I took out his 3 dragonite in just 1 hit with ice fang by leveling it was pleasure to see his dragonite 1 hit killed

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This question is sort of similar to https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/245/any-tips-on-beating-lance-in-hg-ss.

First of all, Gyarados is a physical attacker. You should not have Blizzard! Also, Hail is a bad move to have on Gyarados. Give it Ice Fang instead. You don't need both Waterfall and Hydro Pump- it is a physical attacker, it does NOT NEED Hydro Pump. Just Waterfall is fine. Ice Fang will help against Lance's dragons.

Also, teach your Ampharos Thunder. It can be very helpful against Lance.

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But it has forgotten ice fang
You can go to Blackthorn City and give a heart scale to the move remember.  He is next to a house.