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I want to start working on a competitive Ice Monotype team and for one of my mons I need an Icy Rock. To clarify, I mean Icy Rock the item, not the rock you use to evolve Eevee into Glaceon.

I looked it up and I found that it is possible to get it somehow in the Underground. The website I used showed a chart of the items you can get from the Underground. Thing is, I don't understand what most of it means. Plus the weather duration rocks aren't even called the same thing as normally(example, the Icy Rock is listed as the Icy Stone, and the Damp Rock is listed as the Damp Stone). This is the website.

Could anyone explain the most simple way to obtain the Ice Rock(or any other weather rocks) in Gen 4? I know the Pokewalker is kinda an option but I don't have that.

I'm pretty sure you find one on route 217

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Really, your only option is mining in the Underground. They are listed as a very rare item pre-National Dex and a rare item post-National Dex, so it may take a while to find, but given enough time, you should be able to obtain it. For reference, when you are mining, they will appear on the screen as the image below, so if you see anything that may look like that while mining, then there's a good chance you found what you're looking for. Hope this helped!

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Thanks! Just needed clarification on it :)