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Right so I am playing Pokemon Pearl, I have done the dns exploit which, if you don't know, let's you get access to online features including events with mystery gift. I can confirm this works as I have tried it on Diamond and Platinum. When I have been trying it recently, it says "Searching for a gift" but after a short while the "clock" in the corner showing progress jsut stops. The game doesnt freeze as the music still plays, but I gotta restart the game. Do you have any idea as of why this happens?

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Maybe it just wasn't set up correctly
I know it was, as I can still use other online features
> Try using for the DNS and for secondary. Tell me if that works.


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The gen 4 one is very wacky. Putting in the correct numbers for everything doesn't guarantee that it will work. I only have diamond and it will not work. I have seen online that plugging your Ds into a computer will almost always make it work. Altho I'm too lazy that I never actually tried it out, although all the comments said that it worked. It is on the same reddit link that is on this questions comments.

Hope it helps