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Ninjask:@focus sash
Baton pass

Used to baton pass speed to slow bulky pokemon

I used this alot in the past, and found a few counters for it, but I'm curious to know of more, because I'm considering using it again.

Counters I've found.

Trick Room , To counter this counter, All I have to do is just regular switch to my slow pokemon.
Attacks that hit more than once, Breaks my sub, no found counter to counter it.

I had others that I had though of and don't remember, but can you guys think of any other major Counters, and possibly ways to counter the counters?


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Moves that hit Multiple times can break a Substitute and hit you heavily. For example Cloyster

Sweepers with Pursuit can break the substitute and when you switch at low HP, Pursuit will beat you

Weather can get you as well when you are at low HP and about to switch

To counter the first Counter, you will have to have U-Turn in your Moveset and instead of Baton Pass to strike it a bit. The second counter is really going to be a Dark type, so a Bug type move can take it down. Also you cant counter weather unless you switch into a Pokemon that bring weather for example Tyranitar.

That is all i can think of, i hope this helps.

Hazers and Phazers can also ruin Ninjask if its purpose is to Baton Pass Speed Boosts and Swords Dance.
I'm surprised nobody mentioned Taunt or Encore, mainly taunt. Stealth Rock can be bad for him if he isn't a lead.
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Ice shard would be your worst enemy in this case, if you have low life. It will beat out ninjask regardless.

Ice shard would also probably KO it at full health.