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I know that as you progress through the game, high level raids are locked until you progress through the game more, and low level raids get locked in the same fashion, so at any given point there will always be some level raids that have 0% chance of occurring. But of the raid difficulty levels that are available to you at a given point, what are the odds of each occurring? Like if I had beaten the game and only 3-5 star raids were available, and I interacted with a den, what would be the odds of me getting a 3 star raid? Is there an equal chance of getting a 3, 4, or 5 star raid, or are some star levels more common than others?

If you have 5-6 badges you can have 1-5 star raids

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The further you are in the game to more likely you are to have higher rated raids. Once you beat the game you only get 5 star and 4 star raids and maybe 3 star raids. 2 and 1 star raids then can only be accessed by joining another person or changing account to play on a newer save file.

That's nice, but I'm looking for specific percentages
Theirs no way to really give an exact answer for this. Its randomly generated process, you could attempt to test it and get different results everytime. Unless Gamefreak releases the data I doubt this will ever have a correct answer rather a tested one.
I'd be fine with a tested answer; I guess my real problem is that this answer really doesn't relate back to my question at all