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I was just watching Pokemon BW Rival Destinies, and Ash’s Oshawott used "Shell Blade". Is this an error in the show, or is it a real move? If it's real, how does Oshawott learn it?

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Probably meant razor shell. Did you watch it in another language?
Nope english which is my   Language  It was on the pokemon TV app and i almost think it when it was on regular TV it was in episode ine BWRD where Ash battles Bianca’s  dad he says “use Shell blade”
Huh, why would Pokemon TV use “ Shell Blade” now but “Razor Shell” later in the show, since everyone says it’s a translation  i’ll have to agree and i kbew how it learned Razor Shell but thanks
Because I'm curious, Miss Magcargo, are you able to provide me with the title of the episode where this happened?
Yup it was Enter Ekesa,  electrifying  Gym leader from black and white rival destines

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That's a translation error. "Shell Blade" is the Japanese translation for Razor Shell. To answer your question, Oshawott learns Razor Shell at level 17.


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To be exact, the Japanese name for the move literally translates to Shell Blade in English rather than Razor Shell.
the katakana reads sheru bureedo(シェルブレード) which directly translates into shell blade. 'e' in japanese reads similarly(but not exactly) as the 'a' in "blade" in english.

edit: i did not see stellar lucarios comment but i was basically saying the same thing