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I want to use a bulky physical weakness policy Pokemon in a new team I'm building. The members are likely arcanine gyarados toxtricity whimsiciott and togekiss.

In doubles, by the way.

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What kind of doubles? VGC, OU, or something else? What Pokemon, moves, or abilities are you not allowed to use?

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Um, it's a close call, but I'm leaning towards Tyranitar. Why don't I list out some pros and cons of both so you can choose:



  • Has good defense and special defense (the latter thanks to Sand Stream)
  • Has a great move pool of both offensive (Earthquake, Rock Slide) and support moves (Thunder Wave)
  • Can set up via Dragon Dance
  • Decent physical and special bulk
  • Immune to Prankster due to Dark typing


  • Has many, many weaknesses (which in this case could be a Pro I guess, but it's still something you want to consider) including a 4x weakness to Fighting, which is quite common
  • It's role in Doubles is questionable
  • Sandstorm wears down all of your Pokemon as well.



  • Both Togekiss and Gyarados appreciate its Lightning Rod Ability.
  • It can live super effective moves better if you run it with its Solid Rock ability.
  • It can run a mean Rock Polish set that, with just a little bit of prediction, can turn the tide and make your Rhyperior a potent sweeper.
  • Has access to Earthquake, Rock Slide, and for a surprise utility move Icy Wind which can allow your other Pokemon to shine.
  • Physically super bulky, has great Attack, Defense and HP.
  • Fewer weaknesses compared to Tyranitar


  • Not one but two 4x weaknesses, that too to Water and Grass, the former of which is very common.
  • Terrible special defense, which is bad because most water moves are special anyway
  • Super slow, relies on Rock Polish to be any useful
  • Limited move pool
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I'll add more if I can think of some more points.

Anyway, you should really test them both out and see what sort of playstyle (and hence, which of the two) suits you better for the job.

Good luck and have fun!
Thanks! I think rhyperior is harder to get and I don’t have one yet. I do have a tyranitar too though.