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So I have a hacked Jirachi in my Pokemon Ultra Sun. I'd really like to use them in my Pokemon Shield, but I don't know if I can even put it in Bank or transfer to Home. I don't know what would happen if I did, so can I transfer to sw/sh?

Not that I necessarily endorse hacking, but my friend hacked me in a Hoopa last week in ORAS that I was able to transfer to Home with no issues
Does it have everything a legit Event jirachi has? Because if it does it should let it through.
I don't think it really matters if a pokemon is hacked or not. As long as everything on the pokemon appears to be right, such as no illegal moves or wrong detail, the game should still count it as legit even though its not
It's a shiny Jirachi (ha ha) that I got through a chain trade of pokemon, i know its hacked because It's in a cherish ball but the OT is Mitsuki.TV and I think that's a twitch streamer who wonder trades hacked pokemon. I know it has a legit moveset because I changed up it's moveset a couple times. But the only thing that's not legit about it is Mitsuki.TV, and it literally says it comes from Hoenn. UPDATE: I tried it and it worked! I got a little scared because pokemon bank said generated pokemon aren't allowed...
That should be good enough. I've had one pokemon from mitsuki and a whole lot of shinies from itsk33n. I think the best way to find out is to put it in pokebank
yes! simply YES!
How do you know? Have you tested it yourself?
It works some times and some times it doesn't.my friend treid it with a level 100 jirachi (he caught it by cheat ) and transferred it all the way .but it did not work for mew and moltres (both of them squired by cheating)

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yes you can I tested this and transfered a shiny hoopa so it works I had someone make one for me to test this

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