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So the other guys allowed one legendary Pokemon for no reason whatsoever. One of them only wants doubles and I was hoping that someone could give me like maybe top five of the most successful legendary Pokemon in doubles. In singles, I'll just run them over with Mega Rayquaza but I need some help in the doubles. So, who are the five most successful legendary Pokemon in doubles that don't have anything to do with trick room? Please also mention a small overview of each Pokemon's playstyles and sets

Are you talking about a double battle or a multi battle free for all or something? From what you're saying it sounds like there's multiple people
Double battle like the ones of vgc. Although only one legendary is allowed. It's in the tags
I think the best one is Necrozma.
I don't know much about doubles or Ubers but maybe this link can help you https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/doubles-ubers.3607634/
Sorry fizz I'm new

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Kyogre - It gets two very strong moves that bit both opponents, Origin Pulse and Water Spout. High special attack and rain ability boosts them even higher. I would recommend Ice Ben and Thunder as the other moves. With a spread with 252 SpAtt, and the rest in HP and speed, its a great doubles Pokemon. I recommend a Modest nature.

Groudon - Same reason as Kyogre. A very good mixed attacker as well as physical. Can run Eruption. Precipe Blades. Solar Beam and Stone Edge on mixed (either naive and 252 att 4 spatt 252 speed or adamant 252 att 252 HP 4 speed or speed for a set like this: Precipe Blades, Fire Punch, Swords Dance and protect\thunder punch)

Xerneas - Very good Pokemon. Dazzling Gleam hits both opponents. Geomancy raises stats. Can run Moonblast or protect or focus blast or Thunderbolt finally. I'd recommend 4 HP 252 SpAtt 252 Speed Timid or 252 HP 252 SpAtt 4 Speed.

Rayquaza - Gotta be on there. Good mixed attacker with Dragon Ascent Earth Power Extreme Speed Draco Meteor. 252 attack 4 SpAtt 252 Speed Hasty. Can also run physical: Dragon Ascent Extreme Speed Swords Dance Waterfall. 4 HP 252 attack 252 Speed jolly.

Yvetal - great support Pokemon. With knock off snarl oblivion wing tailwind, it can support. I recommend a timid nature 4 SpAtt 252 HP 252 Speed. Offended is also usable. Oblivion Wing Dark Pulse Heat Wave Sucker Punch 4 attack 252 SpAtt 252 Speed hasty.

Lunala is epic speed control. Trick Room Tailwind and icy wind are available. I didn't include it as you didn't want trick room.

Hope I helped!

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Your Kyogre has the same set as me, cool. I can confirm that Kyogre and yveltal are awesome in doubles
rayquaza usually doesn't run draco meteor and prefers protect
Thanks. Imma find myself one of these
On Groudon, I think rock slide is better than swords dance and thunder punch. Rock slide covers Ho-Oh and hits both opponents.
I didn't know that Groudon got rock slide in gen 7.
Rock slide is a TM in that generation. A lot of Pokemon learn it. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Rock_Slide_(move)