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Let's say I have Chikorita as my Pokemon, will it evolve if I don't use it in a battle?

Will you be levelling it up in some other way?
Some Pokemon can evolve by using evolution stones or trading, but not Chikorita.

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It will only evolve if it gains enough experience points to do so. If you don't want it to battle, consider:

  • The exp. share. Gives experience to any and all team members when enabled, gen 6 and upwards. Prior to that, it needed to be attached to a specific Pokemon.
  • Rare Candies. Immediately boosting a Pokemon's level by one, using enough will evolve a Pokemon.
  • Daycare. Prior to gen 7, using the Daycare for enough time could give your Pokemon experience points. Once at the desired level, take the Chikorita out, level it up once more, and you have a Bayleef.

Do keep in mind that none of these work if Chikorita is fainted. It must be healthy to evolve.

Source: Experience

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You can technically evolve a Chikorita into Bayleef using 16 rare candies, and you don’t have to battle. To get it to be a Meganium, 32 rare candies would do the trick.

This works with every Pokémon that evolves via level up. Just feed it rare candies until it hits the level it evolves at.

Another way is via the EXP share. If you put a Pokémon in your party with the EXP share on, it will gain EXP and eventually evolve, if it evolves, once again, through level up. Then it technically won’t participate in the battle, but still gain EXP and evolve.

Some Pokémon can evolve with a stone without leveling up at all. For example Eevee evolves into Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon by using a Fire Stone, Thunder Stone, and Water Stone, respectively. You can do this at any level, so you can have a level 1 Jolteon.

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