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When was the Pokemon League Started? I know with new information that came out in Sw/Sh says that Opal and Mustard were rival Gym Leaders 50 years ago in the story. But that predates modern day Pokeballs by all most 10 years if not later.

I think it depends on the region. The one in Alola only started during the course of the game.

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People are going to dislike this post, but the Pokemon league originated in the Kanto region. All other regions developed theirs after Kanto. They mention this multiple times in all the Kanto games. Gekky said that Galar started it 50 years ago. However we do not know Galars placement on the timeline yet. The second region to get a Pokemon league is sinnoh.

Where is your proof/source? I'm interested to know where you got that information.
The proof is because I literally beat let's go Pikachu two days ago for the 2nd time xd
Direct link to the source, if you wouldn't mind. It makes your answer more credible.
I didn't say anything about Galar? Why would people dislike objective information, assuming it was true? And where in the games proves that this is true?