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I saw on youtube if you breed Magikarp with Ditto and the 23rd egg was shiny,
You can softreset the game then breed another Pokemon with Ditto and the 23rd egg will also be shiny.
My Question is if I say I don't want the first 22 eggs will the next one be shiny or count as the first ?

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I'm pretty sure that was just luck, or rather, the RNG being "nice". I've once hatched 60+ Scorbunny with a Ditto and I didn't get a Shiny on the 23rd, or any of them for that matter.
When I said 23 it was just an example it can be any number.
Is sounded more like as if you were affirming because you saw it on YouTube.
Okay. (filler)

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A Pokemon's shinieness is determined when you receive the Egg. So if you get the egg, save, hatch it, and it turns out to be shiny, then you are able to reset the game, and the Pokemon will be shiny no matter when you hatch it. Odds of a shiny Egg are not modified based on how many you receive, as each is their own standalone. So, saying no to an Egg will not affect how long it takes to get a shiny.

Source: Experience, I received a shiny Egg once as well.

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