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I mean we see a lot of Galar Pokémon but it’s in Kanto!
It’s a little weird.

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Ugh this has been bothering me so much.

Ash why are you a researcher who is in a Kanto with Scorbunny?
I think that he's starting over again. Cause he said on XYZ that he was going to "start at square one" but went to alola instead. I would think that he is fulfilling his promise now by Going to kanto
He travels through all the regions in this series, so it’s pretty messy...

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Well, I’ll use some rumors I heard to answer this question. Obviously, it’s just what the creators of the anime wanted, but I’ll give you a bit of a guess answer.

So, when the Galar anime came out, there was some speculation about Ash leaving the show, because he beat the Alola league. Maybe this has something to do with him traveling region to region as a researcher. Though this may sound a bit crazy... it’s a theory.

Another thing is that the creators wanted to mix it up a bit. Every single Pokémon anime saga, Ash starts in a new region and beats gym leaders to claim the title of the Pokémon League Champion. You also see more detail on Ash and Pikachu in this anime. It could just be focusing more on where Ash and Pikachu are from, and Ash revisiting Kanto and taking on a different type of journey.

So really, there isn’t a clear answer. I just gave a couple theories as to what might be happening.

Hope this helps! :)

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Ash already is the Alolan champion. His adventures are all about collecting badges and winning leagues, and all that. He wouldn't have an adventure in Galar, collect badges and win the league and the champion league because he cannot be the champion of 2 regions. At least that's what I think.

(Can you please tell me where you watch Pokemon journeys?)

Netflix, that’s where I watch it, but you could probably do it elsewhere.
I simply watch it on YouTube.
I tried searching it up in Netflix, but I never found it.