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What and How to migrate?

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I don't know how.

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To migrate from FR/LG/R/S/E to D/P/Pt/SS/HG

Requirements: A Nintendo DS (fat) or Nintendo DS lite
Both a Gen III and Gen IV game
The Gen IV game must of beaten the Elite Four.

First, have the DS and GBA game in both the dual slots, and turn on the system.
At the title screen, press "Migrate from (GBA game)"
Than select six Pokemon that don't have HM moves, and you're done!

To migrate from D/P/Pt/HG/SS to B/W

Requirements: Two Nintendo DS' (regardless of type)
Both a Gen IV and Gen V game
The Gen V must of beaten the Elite Four

First insert both games in both DS's, and turn on the power.
Then in your B/W, go to the PokeTransfer Lab, and talk to the lady at the top.
Follow instructions from there.
In your D/P/Pt/SS/HG do not load the game, but go to DS Download.
The Poketransfer Lab will eventually load, a mini-game via DS Wireless Communications, and the Gen IV game will play a little mini-game to catch the six Pokemon you selected. After that, you're done!*

*The six Pokemon you migrate must not of learnt any HMs, and must not have any held items.

Good luck! ~

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