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I've been leveling up some of my Garchomps on oras using the Blissey base method. At around level 64, Garchomp can kill the level 100 Blissey in one dragon rush so I figured might as well earthquake the next base to save a couple minutes. When I did use earthquake at about level 66, Blissey survived and it wasn't until about level 69 that all three finally died to a single earthquake. An earthquake from Garchomp is supposed to have the same damage output as dragon rush since they're both stab and have 100 damage. Now I'm curious. How did Blissey survive earthquake if it dies to dragon rush?

did the blissey use minimize before garchomp used dragon rush
Nope. It was one of those secret bases with three Blisseys so it only had healing wish as its sole move
Also, by your wording, it was a triple battle, correct?
Yeah. The Blissey bases only do triple battles with the ai using three of them with nothing but healing wish + toxic orb. These things were solely made to help the community level up their pokemon

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The reason Earthquake didn't OHKO Blissey is because it was a Triple Battle. Triple Battles reduce the power of Multi-target moves like Earthquake and Surf by 25%. So, while Dragon Rush had 150 base Power, Your Earthquake only had 112.5 base power. This difference resulted in the OHKO for Dragon Rush and Not For Earthquake. One thing, when I calculate it, it says it is a guaranteed 3 Hit KO. Not a OHKO. This is a blank set. A Level 69 Garchomp against a Level 100 Blissey.
Anyways, I hoped this helped!
Source: https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Triple_Battle

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150 * 0.75 = 112.5.
Whoops.  Sorry.  I did .75 first, then STAB.  My bad.
I don't think it should matter. 100 * 0.75 * 1.5 should still be 112.5.
Also technically, STAB and triple battles multiply damage, not power. But damage is almost proportional to power, so power multipliers and damage multipliers are almost the same thing.
No.  It doesn't.  I just did it wrong.  And that is interesting.  I never knew that.
I didn't even know this existed. You learn something new every day. Thanks
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You are just unlucky because moves don't always deal the same amount of damage. The damage of a move is multiplied by a random number between O.85 and 1 so you got lucky with your dragon rushes but got unlucky with your earthquakes. Level 69 is when it would always ko no matter if it dealt minimum damage