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Pro Tip: put an Abra into the GTS and ask for one. It will come back as level 100 6IV shiny in 30 minutes. It will probably be HA, so if you don’t care about it being hacked it’ll work.
This doesn't work. While it is true that if you put an Abra in the gts you get a battle ready level 100 shiny, it is in its most competitive moveset and we all know sand force is a garbage ability. If you use this method, the Dugtrio will return with the tangling hair ability. However, if you request a Diglett, then it will come with the sand force ability. Just nickname it into FS2 or you're gonna get the original Diglett. I can provide you with the link to the instructions to this gts trick if you want
This is exactly correct. You have to ask for a diglett (NOT dugtrio) to get sand force, and F specifies female (M is male, blank is either gender), S is shiny (NS is not shiny) and 2 is form two (alola form).

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You could try to SOS chain Alolan Diglett or Alolan Dugtrio. The chances of getting one with its Hidden Ability increases after a certain amount of calls.

Another way is to simply trade for it. This is easier, but you may not have the Pokemon wanted in exchange.

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