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Can I assist signature move? like, let me show the situation I'm imagining.
i have a skitty with move assist (https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Assist_(move)) and I have a dialga that knows only roar of time - her signature move
if skitty uses assist, will it use roar of time?
my guess is yes cuz smeargle can sketch signature move but can skity?

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Yes, Skitty will be able to use the move Roar of Time in this case and other signature moves similar to that move.

Source: using the List of Uncallable Moves section of the Assist page in Bulbapedia to determine if Assist can call moves such as Roar of Time.

Can you imagine that tho
Wait? "Her"? I thought diagla was genderless
It is (filler)