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Including typing, abilities, moves, etc.

Illegally, a Sableye or Spiritomb with Wonder Guard would be immune to everything but Fairy.
actually it would be a pure electric with wonder guard and air balloon
Or a wonder guard burn up fire type
But legally wouldn't it be shedninja?
That Shedinja can still get hit by grass attacks.

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I'm assuming you want it to be legitimate. If this is the case, a Shedinja under the influence of the move Soak and holding the item Heavy-Duty Boots would be immune to every single entry hazard. It would also be immune to all types but Grass and Electric. It still wouldn't be immune to weather, however. Just watch out for Mold Breaker, that'll ruin everything.

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Why would it be immune to Hail?
It isn't, I'm saying that's one of the only things it isn't immune to.
Oh, oops. I misread it.
Hey what about elektross
Eelektross has one immunity. Shedinja has far more than that.
Elektross only doesn't have weaknesses, but that doesn't mean it has all immunities
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I know 2 ways to make a Pokemon immune to every type of attack. Both require wonder guard.
pure electric or poison dark Pokemon that used magnet rise or is holding an air balloon
pure fire Pokemon that used burn up

But I looked it up and it kept saying wonder guard can't be given to another pokemon in any way(entrainment, skill swap, trace and entrainment) is what I read wrong or what?
The question wants a legal possibility. As Wonder Guard can't be passed to another Pokemon, these methods aren't legit.
Which site says entrainment doesn't work on wonder guard? Bulbapedia says it does.
I must've read wrong. Looks like it can be Entrained. My bad, sorry.