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Same as before but without Wonder Guard.

does it include item? Which generation?
Items, Abilities (not Wonder Guard) and moves in battle.

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Well, if include item, ability, and move, the max immunities was a lot of 7

Not counting Wonder Guard, the greatest number of immunities a single
Pokemon can have at once is 7: Bisharp holding Air Balloon, having its
ability changed to Water Absorb, and getting hit by Trick-or-Treat,
with Primal Kyogre's heavy rain up.

Hope it helps!

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Would heavy rain count as an immunity? Because it's more that the moves don't work rather than they do but they don't do anything. While it can't be hit by them, because the question asks for immunities, I don't think heavy rain should count.
Using Hydro Pump against Primal Groudon is as much of a failure as trying to hit it with Thunderbolt. In either case, you qualify for double-power Stomping Tantrum next turn.
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4, these typings are (all are presumed to have or have been skill swapped levitate) : normal/ghost (but there are no Pokemon of this type, resists fighting, normal, ghost ground), ground/ghost (galarian yamask line sandyghast line, golet line, resists fighting, normal, electric and ground), ghost/dark (sableye, spiritomb, resists normal, fighting, psychic and ground), ghost/steel (Aegislash line, resists normal, fighting, poison and ground), ghost/fairy (Mimikyu, resists fighting, normal, Dragon and ground).

It’s immune not resist :p