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I was playing sword (after beating Leon) and went into the slumbering weald then crashed into a galarian weezing with the ability neutralising gas. I sent out noivern and had it use Boomburst on the weezing but it had no effect. As galarian weezing is poison/fairy type I have no idea how this happened, can you enlighten me? My noivern wasn't under the effects of any status moves or those of throat chop, also it happened twice.

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The only things I can think of are it used smokescreen to drop your accuracy or you accidentally used a dragon move instead. I really don’t know.
Which moves did the Weezing use?

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Let's see... So, no ability Galarian Weezing can have can make Boomburst fail. Neutralizing Gas nullifies any abilities in battle. Now, onto Weezing's moveset. Being a wild Pokémon it has to have Toxic, Belch, Self-Destruct and Sludge Bomb. None of these moves can cause Boomburst to fail. Now, we have determined that nothing Weezing can do can make Boombust fail. Now, this leaves a few options I can think of.

  1. You transferred the ability Soundproof to the Weezing. As Boomburst doesn't affect Pokémon with Soundproof, this could be why.
  2. You used the move Trick-or-Treat on the Weezing. This makes Weezing a Ghost Type and as a result, it lets Boomburst Fail.
  3. You accidentally used a Dragon Type move twice. Now, this may be unlikely, but still possible.
  4. You got really unlucky and missed twice in a row. This wouldn't cause the move having no affect though.

These are the reasons I can think of that are plausible. Hopefully this helps. Please comment if you find any other reasons. Other than this, it could be a glitch or a result of using 3rd Party software. I am not an expert on that, but it could be. If it is a glitch, it is currently not documented anywhere.

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