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Toxapex may be a poison type, but it's more of a water type! and water types ain't weak to no ground types!

It's not more of a Water type. It's half water and half poison. What are you talking about?
Sorry, but there is no such thing as a Pokémon being "more of a type."  While there are Primary and Secondary Types for a Pokémon, they don't have any effects when it comes to type matchups (Although Toxepex's Primary Type is actually poison).
Sorry, I'm still kind of confused about Toxapex, since I always thought water resist ground, no wonder my Hippowdon's Earthquake didn't really get resisted by my opponent's Azumarill in Showdown!

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Toxapex is still a poison type and since water doesn't resist ground, its super effective.

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It doesn't matter whether it appears to be more of a Water type -- it's still a Poison type, and those are weak to Ground.

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If you sewe the Water type chart, you will see does not resist ground type, and as you say, ground was super effective to poison, so which means it takes x2 damage from it.
Source: You may check toxapex’s pokedex page, the type defense says that ground was 2x to it.
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