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You know the saying that anything can be good in game?

Well, it's a lie lol.

There's nothing really wrong with Medicham, but there's nothing... right about it either. It has lackluster stats all across the board, and it's stat distribution reminds me of a Serperior clone gone wrong. Its best stats are Speed, Defense, and Special Defense, the former one at 80 and the latter tied at 75. Its HP, Attack, and Special Attack are absolutely pitiful at base 60.

While Mega Medicham is a great Pokemon, Medchamite is post game. Not to mention, Medicham comes very late game since it's found in Ultra Wormholes. To be honest, if you want to use a Psychic type in game, use Espeon.

Espeon @ Wise Glasses
Ability: Synchronize
IVs: 0 Atk
- Dazzling Gleam
- Psychic
- Shadow Ball
- Grass Knot

Dazzling Gleam for the Dragon Trial and Hapu's Flygon. Psychic is STAB. Shadow Ball can clear the Ghost trial and beat Acerola. Grass Knot for most of Hapu's team.

Hope this helps! :)

But unless you get HA its gonna be pure power which gives much better attack so is it really that bad?
I found Medicham very useful in ORAS even without its mega. It may not do as well in USUM, but pure power makes up for that attack stat, effectively doubling it.
1. Its very rare to HA hunt for in game purposes.

2. I dont think you can get HAs in wormholes.
You are better off using Kommo-o post game, but definitely don't use Medicham in-game.
Ok thanks
Then I will use Espeon then thanks Mega Charizard Y
Why would you want telepathy over pure power?
Oops, I mixed up Medicham's abilities.

Still, I prefer Espeon, the rest of Medicham's stats are disappointing, tbh.