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Like this picture of Leaf flying with a Pidgey

Pidgey is so small, how could a human fly with a Pidgey? That's absolutely nonsense.

No offense, but a lot in pokemon doesn't make sense. Why can you use water types that swim on land? Why can you use non flying/levitate pokemon in the sky with latios/latias?
If this bothers you, you should see the Doduo using Fly via the helicopter neck method...

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Game Freak Logic

This really is the only answer to be given. Why can't Scyther learn Fly? Why can't Zangoose learn Cut? How can Tauros Surf? It's all Game Freak logic, and there's unfortunately no real answer past that.

Of course, Pokemon are stated to have superhuman powers, so it could be that Pidgey is much stronger than it appears.

Hope I helped!

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I think pidgey was the "first bird" in Pokemon, so it stuck as the bird that had to transport people around and people didn't really think of the logic that much after that.