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What's the reason of them in such tiers?

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You're asking about gen 7, right?
Of course. In Gen 8 Blaziken is not allowed and others too
Emboar was NUBL in gen 7, not RU.
Oh. Sorry looks like I messed that

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Why? Let’s see its Pros and Cons.
-It’s ability speed boost was super nice paired with sword dance
-Access to great moveset of Hi-jump kick, brave bird, and Fire blitz
-Could be a strong Psychical sweeper or Special Sweeper
-Gains a mega evolution which the other two don’t has one
-Defensive stat wasn’t too good, but still okay after Mega.

-Good Speed, Attack and Special attack
-Iron fist ability gives it a bonus stab power on Punch moves
-Good movepool
-Could counter a lot of Pokemon in all the tier down Underused
-Medicore Defensive stat
-Could revange killed by the other easily
-No mega evolution
-Speed was still outspeed by the other Pokemon and easily KOed it

-Good HP stat
-Attack stat was also nice
-Special attack was nice
-Movepool was not bad
-Outclassed by the other two Pokemon you mentioned
-Bad Defense and Special defense, which means was still weak
-Speed of 65 was slow for no Trick room nor Trick room
-All the pros it has other two has

So this was why the main reason they were placed in different tier, Blaziken was Uber cuz it’s hidden ability and good movepool, Infernape was placed in UU cuz some other fire type and Emboar was placed in lower tier beacuase it’s Medicore speed and defensive stat.
Hope it helps!

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Wait, what is Fire Blitz, is that Flare Blitz, the recoil damaging move or Fire Blast, the 85% accuracy move.
Probably Flare Blitz, as all pokemon are mostly physical attackers, so probably Flare Blitz.
Being able to mega evolve is not a reason to be in Ubers. Kangaskhan's mega evolution was broken, so only its mega stone got banned in OU, and base form Kangaskhan ended up in PU.
This might be offensive, but you just commented on my comment which was posted nearly 4 months ago. Sorry, it's just kind of funny.