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which ability should shuckle have, gluttony or contary?

shuckle: chesto berry




gyro ball

also what move should I take out?
moves to have?

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If you are using rest, then gluttony wouldn´t do anything. If you expect your opponent to use swagger go with gluttony. If you expect your opponent to lower your stats, go with the other ability

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Ability : Contrary !
People NEVER try to raise or lower his attack cause with that base attack and Defence Even MAXED ATTACK couldnt do much . WHereas His defence is pretty high so people often try to break it down , now it will just benefit you !!

Moves : Item : Chesto Berry
Toxic ( Signature Shuckle stalling move )
Rest ( Annoy , at times when people toxic you )
Gyro Ball ( With that speed )
Power Trick ( Handicap the foe' )

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