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Just asking for future references.

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As in bst?
Yeah, Base Stat Total or a single stat?
Base stat in total
Final forms only?
Any forms
You don't need to add moveset, unless you want to be extra and make it easy 4 me (•‿•)

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HP- Emboar, 110 base.

Attack- Ash Greninja, 145 base.

Defense- Torterra, 105 base.

Special Attack- Ash Greninja, 153 base.

Special Defense- Blastoise, 105 base.

Speed- Ash Greninja, 123 base.

Highest BST- Ash Greninja, 640.

Hope this helps! :)

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It was bst
"Highest BST- Ash Greninja, 640."
Oh didn't see that