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So I was playing OU, when I encountered this player using Zeraora, and it used Calm Mind! Is Calm Mind Zeraora even good? I encountered this several times. Well, for me, I prefer all out attack on Zeraora.

Short answer: It's spa was only 10 points lower than it's attack
It's probably to make it bulky-er. It's defense is not bad, but it's special def isn't good. Calm mind may also raise it's sp atk and give the stat boost
By the way, CM Zeraora isn't good. Bulk Up the stronger sweeper set because it makes better use of Zeraora's stats and movepool (and its physical attacks have higher power).

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Simply because it's Special Attack isn't that much lower than it's Attack. You can have success with a Special Zeraora, it's just used less, I believe.

It's not really a wall; but as mentioned before, Calm Mind Zeraora could be used to up it's Special Defense.

However, Zeraora has one of the worst special learnsets I've ever seen. The only notable moves are Thunder, Volt Switch, Grass Knot, and Aura Sphere/Focus Blast.

Those are the only reasons I could come up with.

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Volt switch
Calm Mind + Volt Switch isn't a very good idea, you'd lose your set up. It's only good in very niche 1-v-1 situations where your Zeraora is the last Pokemon and you're facing a Toxapex or some such.