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For example, theroretically, if Scizor were to have Grass type in addition to its Bug/Steel typing, Scizor would still have it's major weakness to Fire moves. What other Pokemon that have a major weakness or weaknesses that could have another type added to it would still have only one weakness? Please list the Pokemon and the type that could be added to their typing that still results in their major weakness.

Note: Major weakness: 4x
For the additional typing, if a Pokemon has a 4x weakness to something and a type gets added to make the weakness 2x, it does not count

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Rock to Water+Ground would have a weakness to Grass, though that's all i can think of off the top of my head.
Ghost+Dark+Normal will still has one weakness
Normal only has one weakness, but Ghost is immune, so the whole typing is immune to fighting-types.
1.    Fairy + Grass + Steel (4x weakness to Fire, resists or neutral to everything else)
2.    Steel + Flying + Grass (Same, 4x weakness to Fire, resists or neutral to everything else)
3.    Ghost + Normal + Psychic (4x weakness to Dark, resists or neutral to everything else)
4.    Water + Steel + Flying (4x weakness to Electric, resists or neutral to everything else)
5.    Fire + Steel + Rock (4x weakness to Fighting, Water, Ground, resists or neutral to everything else)
6.    Steel + Rock + Dragon (4x weakness to Fighting, Ground, resists or neutral to everything else)
Hmm, I don't understand the question well. For example, a Fire + Electric + Poison is 4x weak to Ground, but will it count as it has 2x weakness to Water, Rock, Psychic? Or you mean like Rock + Fire + Bug won't count as it halves its 4x main weakness to Ground, making it 2x? Sorry if I'd not be clear.
Fire is resistant to Fairy, but Fire does neutral damage to Fairy
I just assumed it was if you add another type, it will still result in the same weakness, but it being 8x now.  I didn't think it mattered about it it was weak to anything else.  Maybe I am wrong though.

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Note: If there are multiple instances where multiple types will cause a 4x Weakness, I will just list all of them at once. Also. I will list these type combinations twice just for clarification for each Primary Type. Eg. Fire/Electric will be On Fire and Electric. If you don't want this, I will edit it out. Also, this is for every type. There are some combinations that have no Pokémon.
Fire/Electric- Poison, Rock or Steel for Ground.
Fire/Ice- Flying and Bug for Rock.
Fire/Ground- Rock for Water.
Water/Ground- Rock for Grass.
Electric/Poison- Rock and Steel for Ground.
Grass/Ice- Bug and Steel for Fire.
Grass/Fighting- Bug for Flying.
Grass/Ground - Bug, Dragon, and Flying for Ice.
Grass/Psychic- Dark for Bug.
Ice/Steel- Grass and Bug for Fire.
Ice/Normal- Rock, Dark and Steel for Fighting.
Ice/Bug- Fire and Flying for Rock.
Ice/Rock- Fairy for Steel.
Fighting/Grass- Bug for Flying.
Fighting/Dragon- Dark for Fairy.
Poison/Fire- Steel, Electric, and Rock for Ground.
Ground/Fire- Rock for Water.
Ground/Water- Rock for Grass.
Ground/Grass- Flying and Dragon for Ice.
Flying/Grass- Ground and Dragon for Ice.
Flying/Fire - Ice and Bug for Rock.
Psychic/Bug- Dark for Bug.
Bug/Grass- Steel and Ice for Fire.
Bug/Grass- Fighting for Flying.
Bug/Fire- Ice and Flying for Rock.
Rock/Fire - Ground for Water.
Rock/Water- Ground for Grass.
Rock/Normal- Ice, Dark and Steel for Fighting.
Rock/Fire- Electric, Poison and Steel for Ground.
Rock/Ice- Fairy for Steel.
Dragon/Grass- Ground and Flying for Ice.
Dragon/Fighting- Dark for Fairy.
Dark/Normal - Ice, Rock and Steel for Fighting.
Dark/Grass- Psychic for Bug.
Dark/Fighting- Dragon for Fairy.
Steel/Grass- Bug and Ice for Fire.
Steel/Normal- Ice, Rock and Dark for Fighting.
Steel/Fire- Electric, Poison and Rock for Ground.
Fairy/Ice- Rock for Steel.
Normal/Dark- Ice, Rock and Steel for Fighting.
Source: https://pokemondb.net/type/dual
Hope this helps!

It's probably 8x weaknesses. I get it now.
Oohhhhh.. I typed it as substituting types to get that same 4x weakness.  I mean, it still is correct because you still get an 8x Weakness if you add any of the types.