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Who is a bigger powerhouse? List pros and cons of both pokemon please.

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  • It's no guard ability gives it the insurance of hitting, wich makes dynamic punch hit and cause confusion, you can add stone edge, for coverage and a critical chance
  • It has average defenses and decent HP


  • Bad base speed

Moveset Item : Choice scarf / Focus sash

Dynamic Punch(confusion and main attack) - Stone Edge(coverage) - Earthquake(coverage) - Payback(coverage)



  • It has an outstanding attack and a good defense, the perfect bulk
  • It has high hp and can take some special attacks


  • Bad speed
  • Predictable moveset

Moveset item : Leftlovers

Bulk Up(setup) - Mach Punch(priority) - Drain Punch(hp recovery) - Payback(ghosts)

I personally recommend conkeldurr over machamp because it has more attack and defenses, and mach punch covers its lack of speed

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Don't forget about its Guts ability. You could give it a Flame Orb, and the burn would raise its attack by 50%. Any status would raise its attack by 50%.
Machamp can learn Bullet Punch!
you forgot Machamps other Con:moves like horn drill 100% hit.I still thinck Machamps better