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Basically, what are the best pokes and what is a good set? Imma make an LC team and it may help others too. I don't know the tiering for LC, but it is gen 8. Sorry for not clarifying before

Is this Generation 8?
Not a full answer, but https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/swsh-lc-viability-rankings-updated-post-54.3657374/ Apparently the best Pokemon right now are Mienfoo and Vullaby.

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Mienfoo-Awesome attack and speed, access to Regenerator and Reckless, two awesome abilities with U-Turn and High Jump Kick, respectively. It also has a spectacular movepool (u-turn, high jump kick, drain punch, fake out, knock off, etc).
Vullaby-Access to an Eviolite makes its alredy impressive bulk even more outstanding. It also has two immunities. It has access to an awesome movepool (defog, roost, knock off, tailwind, etc).
Diglett-Outstanding speed, access to Arena Trap, and can sweep with STAB earthquakes. You really don’t need a great movepool when you already have STAB earthquakes to spam, but it has access to sucker punch and rock slide which can come in handy. It can also set up rocks.
Ferroseed-Absolutely incredible bulk with Eviolite. 9 resistances (one being 1/4) and an immunity, and only 2 weaknesses (one being 4x) compliments its bulk. It also has access to a great movepool in Ingrain, Leech Seed, Curse, Gyro Ball, Spikes, and Stealth Rocks.

I'm not gonna BA because the LC meta will change, so... this can be a question that changes when the crown tundra and if another game comes along, it can change then too. So.... ya.
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The answer's changed a bit. Everything PrimalKyogre said is still true, but there's a few Pokemon that have risen to prominence (or at least are fairly threatening) in more recent times.

Incredibly frail, but incredibly powerful. Sporting one of the largest Special Attack stats in the game (tied with Solosis, who no one uses) and a large Speed stat, it can rip through a lot of foes. Focus Sash allows it to counter an opponent that would ordinarily OHKO it (Pawniard, Grookey, etc.) and continue to sweep. It's very susceptible to common moves, however, like U-turn, Knock Off and Sucker Punch.

It has the single largest Attack stat in LC, which makes it an instant threat. It has Dual Wingbeat and Acrobatics for reliable STAB, Knock Off for Eviolite abusers, Head Smash as a ridiculously powerful STAB move, and can Defog to remove crippling hazards. It's crippled by Defeatist and to an extent its Speed tier, however.

Dewpider is a prime lead. It can utilize Sticky Web and Icy Wind for speed control, and it's not a bad attacker either. It has an excellent Ability and Giga Drain, meaning it can stay in battle for a good while.

Foongus is extremely annoying. Spore allows it to cripple an opponent and bring in a teammate to set up, plus it can easily recover health thanks to Synthesis and Regenerator. Its bulk is accentuated by the Eviolite, meaning without Knock Off, it'll be very difficult to take out.

Grassy Surge Grookey can be terrifying. It can set up Swords Dance, making it into a very potent threat. With automatic priority Grassy Glide, it can break through a lot of walls, especially when coupled with Knock Off, which allows it to remove Eviolites and other annoying items. Drain Punch prevents it from being walled by Magnemite, Ferroseed, and other Steel types. Using an item like Focus Sash or Grassy Seed in conjunction with Acrobatics gives it a massively powered Flying coverage option as well. Wood Hammer can also be used for brute force, and U-turn for pivoting. Overall, Grookey is a definite menace in LC at the moment.

A more stall-based Berry Juice + Sturdy strategy. With Recycle and Endure, plus being immune to Toxic, it can stall out an opponent, and pivot with Volt Switch. It's crippled by Knock Off, however, so be wary.

One of the best walls. Eviolite, Recover and Regenerator make it nigh unbeatable without the right Pokemon, and it can spread burns and toxic poison with Scald and Toxic/Toxic Spikes respectively. It's a very annoying Pokemon to fight, and it has the potential of crippling a valuable teammate.

The most popular strategy is Dragon Dance + Sturdy + Berry Juice, with it being occasionally used to set up Stealth Rock. Sturdy activates Berry Juice and brings it to full health, essentially giving Onix a free Dragon Dance. Then, it can proceed to sweep entire teams if you're not careful.

With a gargantuan Attack stat, Knock Off, Swords Dance, Sucker Punch, Brick Break and Iron Head, it's a fearsome physical attacker. Any good Fighting type can KO it, but it'll be difficult if you let it set up too much.

There are other threats, but these are some of the more dangerous ones. If you'd like me to elaborate on any, I can, and if you'd like me to add any other Pokemon to the list, I likely will.

Hope I helped!

"It has the single largest Attack stat in LC."

What about Cranidos? Doesn't Cranidos have the highest attack stat in LC? I don't battle in LC so I don't know if he actually is in LC, but he does have a base attack stat of 125.
Craindos has more attack than archen
Cranidos isn't in the SwSh LC meta.
Ohhh, didn't catch that.