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This goes for landorus, tornadus,thundurus
Format is gen 8 singles

Landorus-T gets Intimidate and a higher Attack than Landorus-I.
But lower speed? And isnt sand force useful with it's ground and rock moves? Or sheer force pairs well with life orb
Are they all in the same tier or did lando-i get sent to ubers?
Tornadus has different roles depending on form.
How have you determined that the Therian forms are more popular? You can't use Landorus-I or Tornadus-I in Natdex OU at all. Are you referring to a different format?
Thundurus's 2 forms are both not very popular, and which one is more popular often changes.
If you can specify which formats you mean, I can type up an analysis for you if you want. If not, I'll try to compare the two formes in general, but that wouldn't make sense without the context of a meta.

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I'm assuming you're talking about National Pokedex, National Pokedex AG, National Pokedex UU, or National Pokedex BH, because I'm pretty sure those are the only 2 gen 8 singles formats where those 3 Pokemon are allowed.

National Pokedex: Incarnate Tornadus and therian Landorus are more popular because therian Tornadus and incarnate Landorus are banned. Both forms of Thundurus are unpopular, and which one is slightly more popular randomly changes every month.
AG and BH: All 6 forms are very unpopular.
UU: Of the 6 forms, incarnate Tornadus is the only one that's allowed.
So Landorus in standard National Pokedex is the only therian form that's more popular than its incarnate form.

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