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I have heard that I can encounter and run away from the electrodes in the Rocket Hideout to shiny hunt em. How long would it take to encounter and run away from one?

Can you test this in your own game?

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It takes approximately 14 seconds to encounter these electrode and run away from them. The shiny odds in HGSS are 1 in 8192, let's say that you find the shiny electrode in 8192 attempts, it will take you 114,688 seconds to find it, or approximately 31 hours of sitting in one place until you find it. And even if you find the shiny, it might use self-destruct. I'm Not trying to discourage you from shiny hunting electrode, I'm just trying to put some effort into my answer. Hope that helps!

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It’s level 23, so it cant have self destruct or explosion. Thanks!!!