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I realized that Regigigas has 6 dots on its body, and so far we have 5 Regis, so does the last dot on its body indicate one last Regi to be introduced since we already got the two new ones? Could this mean a new type in the next Pokémon Game or a new Regi with a type that already exists?

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I personally doubt it. They couldn't have planned this far with the Regis.
Agree.Plus they have 7 dots not 6
I was actually talking about the color that’s on Reggie gigas is left and right side not the ones on the yellow part. But yeah I agree with you Gekky I don’t think they were planning that far ahead for just one legendary Pokémon Group.
Blue gem :regice
Red gem :regirock
Silver gem:Registeel

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First of all, I think you made a mistake in question. The Regis have 7 dots not 6.

Now to the question, no the dots on Regigigas does not signify the other regis (as far as I am aware). There are 6 regis (including regigigas) and there are 7 dots.

It signifies the braille writing system. In gen 3 games you have to decipher braille codes in order to get the Regis. However, the dots or the letter or the word (its unclear) does not appear in the braille language. It maybe a signature decoration for the Regis. Remember the first three Regis first appeared in gen 3 and not all together. So the creators planned the next Gen 8 regis 15 years ago? Possible but a bit to take in.

Maybe in future there will be one more regi to complete the theory. But for now, no.


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I was talking about that on his left and right side colored in red blue and white not the dots on its yellow part
They are not dots,they are gems representing regirock,regicr and registeel
Well that’s what I meant by the Reggies each gem represents one Reggie and we got two new ones meaning two of those gems have been filled in so there’s one more gem for a possible new Reggie besides the ones being introduced in the Crown Tundra  but that was my opinion until people start saying that it was impossible because Pokémon company wouldn’t go that far
Each gem doesnt represent a regi,the colour does
Red gem:Regirock
Silver gem:Registeel
That’s my bad and if we’re just going to keep Going back-and-forth just join a chat or make one if we keep doing this. But still you get the point right
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