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So in the game I'm playing, I could buy a Keldeo REALLY cheap, but I'm saving up my money for a Cloyster instead, because Cloyster can be an AMAZING sweeper if I use this set:
Cloyster @Focus Sash
Ability- Skill Link
-Icicle Spear
-Rock Blast
-Spike Cannon
-Shell Smash
One shell smash and I can spam icicle crash. Skill link lets icicle crash hit a whopping 5 times, and on top of shell smash, it will dominate many teams.
However, Keldeo is a LEGENDARY, and its really cheap as well.
So is Keldeo worth it? Or is Cloyster better?

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Icicle Spear is the multi-Hit move you're looking for, Icicle Crash is a different move
What format/rules are you playing with?
Oh  yea ur right sorry
It should be icicle spear

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Yes, Cloyster is better

This is because Shell Smash effectively doubles attack, special attack, and speed, and your guaranteed 5 hits would certainly can break Substitutes and Focus Sash that Keldeo can't. It also has better coverage than Keldeo (though with Hydro Pump rather than Spike Cannon).

While Keldeo is better on the first turn, post Shell Smash Cloyster is an excellent late game sweeper. Although, I'd suggest you run Hydro Pump rather than Spike Cannon, as it lets you deal with Steel types more effectively.

And if you can get one, a King's Rock is also an excellent item as every hit has a chance to make your opponent flinch, so if you're sure that you can survive 1 hit, that would make it even more potent.

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yea ur right but honestly surf would be more reliable
I put focus sash so I can at least gurantee 1 shell smash