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In context of the Card Game, there are Dynamax Pokemon Cards as well as Gigantamax Pokemon Cards, both being Vmax cards. The only notable difference in aesthetic is that the Gigantamax Pokemon look different from their V counterparts, whereas Dynamax don't have any Physical differences than the V cards other than a red aura. :P

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Gigantamax is essentially a subset of Dynamax. Not all Dynamaxed Pokemon are Gigantamaxed, but all Gigantamax Pokemon are Dynamaxed. Some Pokemon have Gigantamax forms, like Centiskorch, Machamp, and Garbodor. These forms can be obtained from finding the special form in a Max Raid battle, or by applying Max Soup to the Pokemon in question. Occasional events are held to make Gigantamax Pokemon more common in Raid Dens.

Both Dynamax and Gigantamax last a maximum of three turns when activated by a trainer. It should be noted that Pokemon with Gigantamax forms are not necessarily guaranteed to be able to Gigantamax. These Pokemon may also achieve regular Dynamaxing.

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Dynamax can be activated once per Max Raid or Gym Battle for three turns. The affected Pokémon grow larger in size and it's moves become specific Max moves.

Gigantamax can only be accessed by certain Pokémon. Unlike Dyanamax, the Pokémon's form changes, and any moves of a certain type become it's special Max Move, which all have different effects from each other.

So Gigantamax changes their form, while Dyanamax does not. If the Pokémon you Dynamaxed is just bigger but looks the same, it's just Dynamax. If it's form changes, then it's Gigantamax.

Gigantamax Pokémon and their moves

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