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It has low Speed, and it doesn't seem to have any psychic relationships.

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Game Freak logic. Magnezone has no throat, so why are you not questioning the fact that it learns snore?
First, I didn't notice that. Second, maybe it like has some honking function or something
Which gen? I've looked at 4 and 8/7 and it doesn't. :/
Yeah I just checked every learnset of every game and it doesn't learn Teleport....
I'm pretty sure Magnemite learns Teleport in gens 1 and 2, and in LGPE at the very least. :P
I don't know if it is an egg move or anything like that in later games. :P
Yeah Magnemite gets it.
That's so weird... Magnemite learns Teleport in Gen 1 only by TM, yeah....but it's not an egg, TM, or TR move on any of the line in later games

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Magnezone is partially based off a UFO. Here's its Ultra Moon entry:

There are still people who believe that this Pokémon came from outer space.

UFOs are generally thought of as quite fast, and many people believe advanced races exist in our universe. If Magnezone is a creation of one of those races, it could contain great amounts of power, enough to teleport.


Hope I helped!

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Huh never knew it was a ufo. That does explain it tho. Thanks!
You're welcome!