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Magnezone has decent bulk and an impressive Sp Atk stat, but its 4x weak to Ground, an earthquake is one of the most common moves that are available to many Pokemon.
Even with Sturdy, It can only attack once after being hit by Earthquake.
And though it has Analytic, one Earthquake will OHKO it.
Give it an Air Balloon with Sturdy is OK, but once the ballon is popped, Earthquake will OHKO it since Sturdy is broken already.
So I don't really understand why Magnezone is in OU.

But Magnezone is slow.
It can get OHKOed by an Earthquake before it gets to use Magnet Rise
Give it an Air Balloon, it could probably set it up.
It's the #10 most used pokemon in the tier right now. That should speak for itself
Im gonna try it out then
See if it really is that good
You're overstating how much a single weakness can affect a Pokemon's viability. It's true Magnezone would be a much better Pokemon if it wasn't weak to Earthquake, but the Ground weakness isn't stopping it from taking out Corviknight, Mandibuzz, Toxapex, Clefable, etc. Magnezone enables any sweeper that depends on those Pokemon getting pressured.
I might as well add that Magnezone's viability has not much to do with Air Balloon or Magnet Rise. It needs Specs to get the OHKOs it wants.

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Magnezone carves a niche in OU as a hard hitting pivot with the ability to trap and eliminate Steel-types such as Skarmory and Corviknight. Thunderbolt is Magnezone's primary STAB and is able to OHKO Corviknight and Skarmory after Stealth Rock damage. Flash Cannon lets Magnezone hit Ground-types such as Hippowdon that switch in on a predicted Thunderbolt or Volt Switch, while also hitting Pokemon such as Kyurem and Clefable for super effective damage. Volt Switch lets Magnezone act as a pivot bringing in teammates that take advantage of Pokemon that switch into Magnezone such as Blissey and Rotom-H. Magnezone deters Steel-types like Skarmory and Corviknight from switching in, so Toxic makes for a good utility move to potentially cripple an incoming Pokemon such as specially defensive Hippowdon and Zeraora. Alternatively Steel Beam can be used to emergency check runaway Pokemon such as Calm Mind Clefable, while Body Press can catch Excadrills that switch in on Magnezone. Analytic can be used if the raw power provided by it, being able to 2HKO specially defensive Hippowdon switching in with Flash Cannon, is preferred over the ability to reliably trap opposing Steel-types,


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Despite being 4x weak to Ground, Magnezone is a great Pokémon to have on your team. It's 115 base Defense + Substitute + Iron Defense + Body Press will kill all but Ghost-types. Don't sleep on the monstrous 130 base SpA either, as well as access to Magnet Pull/Rise. Most sets run Choice Specs, for extra power.

Magnezone can trap Pokémon such as Skarmory and dispose of them with STAB Electric-type attacks. Magnezone also resists common threats like Banded Grassy Glide Rillaboom, and is the ultimate Primarina killer. It's STAB attacks are supereffective against many of the Pokémon in the OU tier.

A lot of Pokémon have glaring, common weaknesses, but are still able to excel. Like Ferrothorn, for instance. It's 4x weak to Fire, but it's been a valuable staller and a great addition to your team since it was introduced in Gen 5. (I'm not kidding, it's been in every Gen's OU tier SINCE GEN 5) Fire-type moves are very common coverage moves as well.