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This might have been similar to the question Why is Dracovish better than Dracozolt

But I just wanted to know.


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Backed by Hustle, Dracozolt's Bolt Beak is the strongest attack in the game. To put things into perspective, even without a boosting item, it hits neutral targets harder than LO Mega Rayquaza's Dragon Ascent. This kind of power means that simply resisting it is not sufficient; any team that doesn't pack immunities will find it tearing through them in due course. It can also run a number of sets, including CB (which makes it capable of 2HKOing the entire tier), Scarf and Substitute. However, it is held back by Hustle's unreliable accuracy and a mediocre Speed that leaves non-Scarf sets easily revenge killed.

When Dracozolt initially dropped, everyone jumped on the Choice Band set due to its crazy power and the fact it OHKOs nearly every thing that isn't a Ground-type with Bolt Beak, to which gets hit by Outrage or another move. But, a crazy good breaker is nothing new to this tier, as we have a multitude of absurdly good breakers, even if Dracozolt is harder to wall, both of its STABs will very frequently run into an immunity and it also has to deal with Hustle reducing its accuracy. Dracozolt's speed is also pretty bad, leaving it vulnerable to easily being revenge killed by a lot of very common Pokemon, as well as reducing the opportunities it has to even come in in the first place. However, as time went on, people diverged from only using the CB set and found out that Dracozolt is, quite frankly, pretty stupid with multiple sets. Scarf in particular is ridiculous; letting it outspeed the vast majority of the tier and giving it absurd cleaning potential. Life Orb and Substitute are up there as well; being able to change moves and still hit with absurd power, as well as hide behind a sub making it impossible to RK bar Infiltrator allows for even more shenanigans. CB is not a bad set by no means, either, as quite frankly, it doesn't have any form of counter play bar a) winning a 50/50, b) dodging, c) sac and revenge kill. All in all, Dracozolt is simply too much for the tier, and has been voted to be banned in a 9-2-1 decision.


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General Overview:

- Hustle boosts Dracozolt's attacks to extreme levels; When paired with Bolt Beak which doubles in power when Dracozolt moves first, it is incredibly powerful considering most defensive mons will be slower.
- Its typing is great offensively, with the only Pokemon resisting its STABs being Ferrothorn and Excadrill.
- Its decent bulk is complemented by a good defensive typing that resists important types such as electric, water, fire, and steel. It can also check Gyarados not running Earthquake
- It has a great movepool consisting of fire, ground, and fighting type coverage.
- When its hidden ability Sand Rush is released, Dracozolt can potentially be ran as a secondary sweeper on sand teams

- A base speed of 75 is very mediocre and can make the matchup against more offensive builds tough. It also makes it harder to abuse Bolt Beak if it are slower than the opponent.
- Hustle is a double edged sword. While boosting Dracozolt's attack to high levels, it also makes its moves very inaccurate, which can often lead to some very inopportune misses.
- While its typing has a few good resists, it has some common weaknesses in ground, ice, and fairy.

- Dynamax moves are 100% accurate but are still boosted by Hustle.
- Max Lightning will be weaker than a full power Bolt Beak, although it can set up electric terrain to boost its attacks later as well as for setting up an electric seed Hawlucha partner.
- Max Wyrmwind based on Outrage can make it easier to break through bulky ground types.
- Dracozolt can potentially boosts its attack with a Max Knuckle Low Kick.


These are the pros and cons of Dracozolt, so this may help you.

Hope this helps! :)

Now it makes sense why I could partially sweep someone's team with Dracozolt. Thanks!
Why are you quoting a post in the OU subforum? What happens in OU has nothing to do with how broken something is in UU.
It says "General Overview"
I'm pretty sure "general" means "this part is not about any specific moveset", not "this part is not about any specific format". The post specifically mentions Gyarados, Excadrill, and Ferrothorn, which are banned in UU. It also mentions Dynamax, which was banned long before UU players decided Dracozolt was broken.