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You can use dual type Pokemon but if it repeats on another type, you can use another Pokemon of that type but you have to mention the repeated Pokemon in between ().

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Normal: Azurill (195)
Fire: Slugma (250)
Water: Wishiwashi-Solo (175)
Electric: Pichu (205)
Grass: Sunkern (180)
Ice: Snom (185)
Fighting: Tyrogue (210)
Poison: Weedle (195)
Ground: Wooper (210)
Flying: Combee (244)
Psychic: Ralts (198)
Bug: Blipbug (180)
Rock: Rolycoly (240)
Ghost: Shedinja (236)
Dragon: Noibat (245)
Dark: Poochyena (220)
Steel: Diglett-Alola (265)
Fairy: Azurill (195)

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You do realize that they both SHOULD be the pretty much the exact same right?
you're original answer was WAY off. You got probably 2 right. Then you copied and pasted what I said.
I'd like to know what you think I got wrong. There's an edit history to my answer, how about you check that? You'll see I only changed two things, the rest were all correct.
I just think I should be credited for something I do. I dont appreciate it when someone copies what I wrote because I was right and they weren't.
The thing is, I was still correct. I did not copy-paste yours, as I was already mostly correct. I do admit that I was wrong about Steel, but is there really any harm in editing an answer to be correct?
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This is Based off of PRIMARY typing
Normal: Azurril(190)
Fire: Slugma(250
Water: Wishiwashi solo(175)
Grass: Sunkern(180)
Electric: Pichu(205)
Ice: Snom(185)
Fighting: Tyrogue(210)
Poison: Weedle(195)
Ground: Wooper(210)
Flying: Combee(244)
Psychic: Ralts(198)
Bug: Blipbug(180)
Rock: Rolycoly(240)
Ghost: Shedinja(236)
Dragon: Noibat(245)
Dark: Poochyena(220)
Steel: Alolan Diglet(265)
Fairy: Cleffa(218)
No Pokemon has fairy as their primary typing except for pure fairy types and Cleffa is the weakest pure fairy type so that's why its here instead of azurill.

I don't know which answer I should choose as best answer
How does primary typing make a difference in any context other than Revelation Dance and the “I Will Follow You e.e” tourney? Azurill is no less Fairy type than Cleffa is. Sorry if this sounds rude, but it doesn’t make sense to care about those tiny distinctions in cases like these. :P
Since there are duel types, its just a rule for who I put on this list.
Considering Combee, it should be primarily a bug type, but you had mentioned it to be primarily flying type. Same with the case of Wooper. It should be primarily water type, but no. So, does the 'primary' thing make sense? (Sorry if I'm rude)