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Can't he....talk? Whenever we see Red in any games or animes, he keeps silent! In games, at the times we talk to him, there're dots instead of words. Even in games where he is not the protagonist. Why Red behaves like this? Have he ever talked in any games/animes?

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My guess is that Red being silent in games like GSC and HGSS is like an allusion to the Kanto games, where you play as Red and therefore don't really have any lines of dialogue. The Gen 2 games are basically sequels to Gen 1 and the point the devs were trying to get across is that the Red NPC you fight as Gold is, in canon, the same person you played in the Kanto games. But I guess this doesn't apply to anime, I think Red talked in Pokemon Origins.
He did talk in red, blue and yellow but only once

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The reason Red doesn't speak is because he is supposed to be the player character. To my knowledge, the character you play as in any Pokemon game doesn't engage in any conversation or dialogue, other than when you're given certain options to pick as answers to questions. Even when Red is an NPC, most notably at the top of Mt. Silver in the Gen 2 games and their remakes, I feel he is supposed to represent the player in the original Pokemon games. His Pokemon are all level 80 or above, which I believe is higher than any other NPC in those games, and his team consists of Pokemon somebody playing a Gen 1 might choose. I feel like Pikachu was thrown in because it's the mascot of the entire series, but the three starters are obvious Pokemon many people would include in their teams, and Snorlax and Lapras are both special Pokemon many people would have included.

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This definitely makes the most sense.
You suddenly realize how annoying it would be talking to yourself in game: how are you? (Smiles for no reason)
Red is what you would be as an NPC which is kinda weird
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the first games were not very advanced and the cartridges did not have as much memory and also having red talk and not letting you express yourself is not so personal while if red does not talk you could feel that you are realy in the world of Pokemon full of dreams and adventures :D

What do you think 'bout HG/SS, Black 2/ white 2, US/UM then? They are pretty advanced, aren't they?
I edited the question. Hope it'll be more clear  to you
Those other games reference the fact that Red never talks in the original games.
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He has talked once, and revealed the reason he has not talked.
In Pokémon masters, he says “words are unnecessary”. That’s pretty clear....he just....thinks they are unnecessary? That’s about it.

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