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Is it like it breath can cause a whirlwind when it yawns?

Game Freak logic. Snorlax learns lots of other weird moves, like sunny day and psychic, so why are you not asking about those?

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Here is the Pokédex entry of Snorlax from Ultra sun,

It doesn’t do anything other than eat and sleep. When prompted to make a serious effort, though, it apparently displays awesome power.

Yes, your assumption was right. Since it has an awesome power, It's clear that even a breath of it is enough to make a whirlwind!

How does awesome power instantly equal yawn that creates whirwind?(I just wanna know your reasoning)
Awesome power means, it's strong enough to be awesome, isn't it?
Fair enough lol. I guess it would be awesome
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It could be what you said, or what I think is you know how it's extremely big(aka fat)? Well, if it jumped it and fell back down(I know it can do this cause of body slam) it would push lots of air very fast from under where it was. As a result, a large amount of air moving at fast speed would essentially be a Whirlwind.

How do you know? Perhaps the Snorlax landed forcefully enough to create a whirlwind.
It may jump in those circumstances. But it doesn't jump in Whirlwind.
Ultra Sun​/​Ultra Moon
L.G. Pikachu​/​L.G. Eevee    The user drops onto the target with its full body weight. This may also leave the target with paralysis.
Snorlax body weight-460.0 kg (1014.1 lbs)
It's heavy enough that it would create a decent amount of air. On the other hand, if that still doesn't satisfy you, do you think a metal bird could create a large powerful wind?
I said about Whirlwind, not Body slam!
Yes, but I was saying that it was shown that it can in fact lift that 460.0 kg (1014.1 lbs) into the air, and obviously bring it back down. I was also showing it's weight, which further emphasizes the fact that it would push air out fast. I included body slam entry because I wanted to have the effect of body slam-dropping it's entire body on the opponent. Air pushed fast at the opponent would push them quite hard, which is what whirlwind is essentially doing