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I've been doing a Grass-only run of Black 2, and Drayden has stomped me far too many times. My team is:

- Leaf Blade
- Strength
- Coil
- Aerial Ace

- X-Scissor
- Leaf Blade
- Toxic
- Protect

- Jump Kick
- Horn Leech
- Take Down
- Megahorn

- Petal Dance
- Earth Power
- Sludge Bomb
- Synthesis

- Energy Ball
- Sludge Bomb
- Shadow Ball
- Weather Ball

- Giga Drain
- Sludge Bomb
- Ingrain
- Synthesis

I've tried a Toxic + Protect strategy with Leavanny, but it's just too frail to pull it off. How should I go about taking down Drayden?

Overleveling? I'd reccomend trying to setup Coil on serperior, as his entire team is a physical, execpt for a stray earth power from flygon. Dragon tail ruins this tho, but as for a straight forward strat that's not overleveling or potion and revive spamming, it's the best I can thing of.
That's the main reason I'm wary of Coil setup, I don't want to waste turns setting up just to get them taken away with Dragon Tail. I could try overlevelling, but grinding can be such a pain, even with Audino. I'd prefer something other than overlevelling for that reason.
Ok wait. There's one gimmicky thing I just realized. If you got toxic and protect on amounguss, and used ingrain, drayden can't switch you out. It's also much bulky er than leavanny, and can't be dragon tailed out to a pokemon without protect. With a moveset like
Sludge bomb, ingrain, protect, toxic, it could work. And yes, it does get rid of synthesis and giga drain, and you may not even have TMs for toxic and protect(if they exist idk), but it'd would probabaly be your best bet if you did
Oh and, you can also leave toxic and protect on leavanny. Once you toxic one of your opponents pokemon, you can just spam potions. And if you want to be really reliant on toxic, you can even have synthesis still on amounguss instead of sludge bomb, if you dont have much money. Does leave you useless in later battles tho
Hm. So my strategy should be Toxic with Leavanny, switch to Amoonguss for Ingrain, stall out his first Pokemon, then repeat it twice more?
I would think. It's a bit risky, because if he has like full restores you'll be using toxic 5 times, and leavanny may faint during that time, so if you can toxic on amounguss. Oh and, leavanny toxic, then protect, then switch/faint, then ingrain amounguss.
Hm I suggest trying to see if any of your Pokemon have HP Ice.
Do you want to put that as an answer @sm? I'll hold off on the BA for a bit, just in case there's an easier, more offensive strategy, but I'll upvote you for your help.
@Y I'll try, but I don't know where the Hidden Power person is. I'll go look up their location, I suppose.
PWT I believe, same place where you get HP.
I just checked the Hidden Powers. None of my Pokemon have HP Ice or Dragon, unfortunately.

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I like what sm said, I love to Toxic stall AI XD

Anyway, I have a few suggestions that involve an offensive strategy.

Suggestion #1

Pray that one of your party members has HP Ice / Dragon

Fairly simple. Go to PWT and for 18 BP. The HP checker is... at a booth outside of the arena at PWT apparently. Nice. Anyway, HP Ice will fair well against all of Drayden's team, especially Flygon with HP Ice.

Welp I read your comment oof. The only thing I can really say is maybe try re-catching some Pokemon? It helps with my next suggestion too.

Suggestion #2

EV train your Pokemon (to an extent)

You know, it took me forever to think of this. You see, this suggestion started as "Teach Serperior Dragon Tail" until I realized that Dragon Tail is received after beating Drayden. Then I said "Breed Disable Onto Cacnea" yeah you can't breed until after the Champion. Then I was getting a Pokemon with Hail for Weather Ball, but uh you would hafta cheat the mono-grass challenge.

That being said, now we have come to this. Hopefully your EVs aren't maxed out or you're going to need some EV resetting Berries. And those are annoying to get.

Anyway, I suggest, if you do EV train your Pokemon, to EV train them in the stats that will compliment their moves and Defense / HP to better tank hits from Drayden's Pokemon (though you probably want to plan ahead as well, for the Elite 4 and Champion). I wouldn't advise maxing out EVs, that would be quite a lot of work, but it would definitely help to EV train in specific stats.

Suggestion #3


This isn't really a full suggestion, to be honest if you were to grind and overlevel you should do it alongside EV training since the most efficient method in my opinion is knocking out Pokemon anyway, plus it wouldn't hurt to have HP Ice / Dragon on an overlevelled Pokemon. This is what everyone is going to suggest anyway, I'm simply stating it because overlevelling is the most basic thing you can do to beat any in-game trainer that is hard for a team to beat. Again, you can kill two birds with one stone by grinding while EV training.

That's about it, good luck, and I hope this helps! :)

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This is more detailed, so I'm choosing it over sm's. Thanks!
You're welcome! :)
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Ok so uh, I'll just repeat what I said then. Your amounguss has the move ingrain, so it can stay in against dragon tail. This helps even more because of its bulk, and paired with toxic and protect(if you can) it will be extremely helpful. If you cant, use leavanny to toxic, than protect, than switch to amounguss and hope drayden doesn't dragon tail. If he does, you can let it do some chip damage(unless it's leavanny, then switch) until it faints so you can safely bring in amounguss. If you bring amounguss in safely, it's impossible to get it switched out. The problem is, it's stuck for eternity, so you'll have to let it faint and revive it to get it to work. If you can get toxic on it tho, it will effectively toxic stall on its own. You'll also need some potions to keep it alive. Sure, it's a bit weird to be toxic stalling ai, but I would thi k it works, so try it out