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Iris = Zekrom enter image description here = enter image description here

Ok so I was thinking is there any link in the anime or game that Iris resembles Zekrom and Drayden resembles Reshiram. Think about it. Iris is black (not being racist) and Zekrom is black. Drayden is white and has a white beard when Reshiram is white. Iris and Drayden are Dragon Masters and Zekrom and Reshiram are Dragon types. Is this pure coinsidence or was it made this way?

I never noticed this...
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Lol you just saw that? I thought it was kind of obvious....
This is interesting, because if Yin and Yang ARE forever equal, then why is Iris a Champion and Drayden a Gym Leader?
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just now knew...........
This is completely new to me...
Saying that someone is black is not being racist. Being racist is saying that someone is better because of for example his skin color witch is stupid

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It could have been made this way but again unless Nintendo says for sure yes there is no way to tell absolutely.

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In black 1, you also notice that DRAYDEN is there and in white 1, IRIS is there. In black 1, you get reshiram and in white one you get zekrom! only nintendo knows for sure but I think they possibly do resemble eachother

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No way this is a really big coincidence and I don't really see much of a resemblance anyways

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