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So, I was looking though my Pokémon cards, and I find a mega water type venesoar. That evolved from Blastoise? Is this a printing error or fake? It’s a EX Holo card, with the water type banner non holo, like it came from a different card set, like generations water banner. Like a duplicate print. It also has texture. Also, it has 110 Hp and water type attacks. I can’t provide a picture at this time.

What about the thickness of that card? Is it as thick as an ATM card or just a paper?
No, it’s thick like a normal card. But maybe the colors a little more faded. And that’s because it’s ALWAYS Been like that. Ever since I got that card, it looked slightly lighter in colors, compared to my other venusar, with the same art.
Can you please send us an image?
Argh I wish I could but I don’t know how. Sorry.
Click on 'edit' button, Count upto 6 from left click there and enter the Url of that image!

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There’s a high chance it’s fake
For one, Venusaur isn’t a water type and it can’t evolve from Blastoise
Those are some huge mistakes, and there’s a very Low chance it was a printing mistake because of not only one but two big mistakes on that card.

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Ahh makes sense! Lol I Kinda laughed at the fact that it was “evolved” from blastoise at first.