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So my Lucario in my Shield playthrough is currently a mixed. I want to know if that's good, or bad. It does prove well because a Gigalith from a trainer on Route 10 had Sand Stream and I was not going to be able to OHKO his Gigalith with Aura Sphere in sandstorm. However, I had Meteor Mash and used that to OHKO. If you want know its current moveset, it's Psychic, Dragon Pulse, Meteor Mash, and Aura Sphere.
If you want to know my team, it's:
Cinderace (Physical)
Gyarados (Physical)
Corviknight (Physical)
Excadrill (Physical)
Lucario (Special)
Toxtricity (Special)

really does not matter in-game whether you are physical special or mixed, the moveset is good
Oh, well, thanks
I suggest that mixed is good, if they have bad defense, teach them a lesson with physical attacks, if they have bad special defense, use special attacks. You can also focus only on its good special attacks, but mixed attacks are preferred. A nice example for this is using Aura Sphere on Graveller/Golem and Brick Break on Raichu.

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I guess so

I can explain:
Physical Lucario

Access to Close Combat as physical STAB, is also 40 BP stronger.
Has Ice Punch to cover Dragon types.
Has Zen Headbutt to cover Fighting types

but its coverage options, other than Close Combat, are weaker since Lucario's SpA is higher than its Atk.

I would go with this moveset:
Item: Life Orb

Close Combat
Meteor Mash
Dark Pulse/Dragon Pulse

Hope this helps :)

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I have Psychic for Fighting types, though.
I would replace Meteor Mash with Flash Cannon, as it has more accuracy and it is a special attack, which Lucario can make use of its higher stat. But Meteor Mash is Physical, there would be two Physical and two special attacks...
Also, Close combat can be replaced by Drain Punch/Brick Break/Aura Sphere if PP is preferred over Power. Close Combat also hampers its horrible Defense and Special Defense, but still Close Combat is preferred.
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Mixed things are fine in-game. like, I have bite on my blastoise, who is normally special. Lucario has good stats in both attacks, so its actually fine. What matters is that you have some sort of stab. (i will add that it is nice if you do use special, but a mixed is fine.)So, while a full special set would be better to take advantage of its higher special stat, mixed is fine, because it is in-game and Lucario also has good base stats in both

Thank you!