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I'm having trouble figuring out which starter to use for my Pokemon X game. Can you guys help me?

Why is this tagged "national-dex"?
I will say Froakie, because it was not only speed. If you trained it well, it will also overcome the other two!!
Why is speed important? Why can't the other two overcome Froakie if you train them well?

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Well, let’s look at all the gyms.
First gym, Fenniken is Super Effective. Froakie is nuetral. Chespin is weak to bug, but it gets rollout, and I took out the entire gym spamming rollout. Second gym, Braixen is weak to it, and Quilladin and Frogadier are super effective. Third gym:All nuetral, but Braixen has Psybeam. Fourth gym, Braixen/Delphox is super effective, Frogadier/Greninja is weak to, and Quilladin/Chesnaught resist. Fifth gym, Delphox is nuetral, Greninja is weak to, and Chesnaught resists. Sixth gym, Delphox is nuetral, and Greninja and Chesnaught are weak to. Seventh gym, Delphox resists, Greninja is immune, and Chesnaught is weak to. Final gym, Delphox is super effective, Greninja is nuetral, and Chesnaught is weak to but also super effective.
Rival’s team depends on which starter you choose, but they always have Absol, Meowstic, and the starter you are weak to. Chesnaught and Greninja are better for fighting the rival.
Elite 4:
Chesnaught has an advantage over steel and water, Delphox beats steel and resists fire, and Greninja beats fire and resists water.
Champion’s team:
Mega Gardevoir
Chesnaught does good against Gourgeist and the two fossil Pokémon. Delphox does good against Hawlucha, Gourgeist, and Gardevoir. Greninja does good against Aurorus and Gourgeist.

So, in the end, we have:
Gyms:They all do pretty good, but Chesnaught seems to be good against the most.
Rival:Greninja is probably the best here, but Chesnaught does fine
Elite 4:Chesnaught is the best here, no doubt about it
Champion:Chesnaught and Delphox are probably better than Greninja here.
In the end, Chesnaught is probably your best bet.

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Quilladin isn't good against Grant 'cause of Amaura.
Ice doesn’t resist grass, so it’s still weak to grass
I know, I'm just saying that you *probably* shouldn't use Quilladin against Grant.
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Delphox and Chestnaught aren’t really good Pokémon and Greninja is the obvious choice
Even without Battle Bond, Greninja is still pretty good with amazing Sp Atk and Speed stats

Froakie is obvious the best starter in my opinion

Starter. Starters never have hidden abilities.
Oh yea my bad
Lol imagine picking Froakie over Fennekin.
I think Pokémon X was really easy actually
EXP share all was awesome
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Possibly Fennekin or Froakie, Fennekin counters Viola, Ramos and Wulfric, while Froakie covers Grant and Olympia if you have evolved it into Greninja, although Froakie's stats (BST 314) are much higher than Fennekin's, I believe Fennekin would be a good starter as it covers the most gym leaders and it covers its weakness to rock by using Power-up-punch(bad move, but still it is a coverage move), Solar Beam for coverage against water types, it also has status moves like Hypnosis (via egg) and Will-O-Wisp which makes it defensive, it also can heal itself using Wish(via egg).
I've hoped I've helped!