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I assumed this is for an in-game team. If that isn't true, then please change the title.

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Vaporeon as it has the best moveset and stats of the 3
Flareon has the worst stats out of all of them as it is a physical attacker when its stab is special.
Jolteon has a moveset with alot of physical moves when its attack stat is 65 and only has dark type special coverage in bite
While vaporeon is a bulky special sweeper with a good moveset
I suggest this set for in game-
Aurora beam->Ice beam-good against erika and lance
Water gun->surf-good against blaine giovanni and bruno's onixs
Bite-good against sabrina and agatha
Acid armor-makes it super unkillable

Flareon has a pretty decent Special Attack stat, just saying. Base 95.