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For those of you who don't know, I'm not talking about the added content in Sw/Sh like the Crown Tundra or Isle of Armor. Those are content that were added on even after the game was released. They are updates to the games. I'm talking about those events that allow you to get legendary and mythical Pokemon that were already built into the game. Those Pokemon you could only receive by hacking or using the events. What was the point of those. Why release events when you could just get them. Why not make them in a location in the game that doesn't require an event. An example would be the Sinnoh events. Not everyone was born or was able to be at the place where the event was taking place. Basically, what I'm asking is why do all these events for Pokemon that are already in the game's code instead of just letting us catch them? After all, wouldn't that ruin the point of "catching them all?"

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They probably want more people to watch certain movies or visit Gamestop.

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It was to make them rarer, and also so you would have to usually "buy" your way into them. They generally wouldn't be shown in the Pokedex until you caught them so it didn't hurt "Catching them all" that much.

Source: Experience and common sense

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