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How many? I know there is one in RBY.


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Do you still have to go to iron island?
I think Iron Island is completely optional. In Platinum, the HM04 strength is at the entrance, so players have to either pick that up (but still don't have to fight the trainers inside) or trade strength users from another player.
You can skip all of them with a WTW cheat
That just ends up breaking the event sequences.
but they're still skipped

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Only one which is in RBYG. You can skip Rocket Game Corner, by using a poke doll on Ghost Marawok
Source: Watching Speedruns

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Wait you're a boy?

Yep. A boy. That is me. It says so in my bio...
I was trying to say that you can't read about every event just by reading the plot.
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@Octazooka What I was trying to say is that the game plot section DOES NOT have every encounter with the evil team. Am I making sense?
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You thought I was only using bu.bapedia too view the plot...
I was using other sites too...
Those other sites are probably also not complete, because you're still missing a few skip-able events.